Artisan Soap Products Made In Italy With Safe, Sustainable ingredients

Saponficio Varesino products are formulated with quality, purity and integrity and produced at our workshop in Brebbia by skilled artisans using the traditional Marseilles method of soap making.

We pride ourselves on using premium organic active ingredients and whole plant oils from sustainable products, without the use of palm oils, parabens or aggressive ingredients like chelating agents and mineral oils.

Our products are never tested on animals and almost all are vegan-friendly.

Founded in Brebbia in 1945

A True Italian story

Saponificio Varesino was established in 1945 by Dante Bardelli in the small town of Brebbia (Varese) near the shores of Lago Maggiore in northern Italy.

During World War II many common items such as soap were very scarce, so Bardelli perfected a way to make soap using the properties of the natural ingredients around him to enhance their effectiveness. After the war, with the help of his wife, he started producing soap in his own home and Saponificio Varesino was born.

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