SV 2.0 Double Edge Safety Razor


Safety razor for Double Edge blades entirely made in Italy and presented during the SANA Bologna 2023 fair. 

Head and SV Crown decoration on the tail made of 303 stainless steel and CNC produced in compliance with the tolerances indicated in the UNI EN-ISO 22768mk standard. 

Handles in 14 variations of wood or resin, in accordance with the handles of our SV2.0 series of Shaving Brushes.

Use the drop-down menu to select the handle in the desired material*.

Razor Details:

  • GAP: 0.45mm
  • Blade exposure: 0.03 mm
  • Blade angle: 20°
  • Support angle: 45°
  • Head width: 43 mm
  • Head length: 24mm
  • Head height (exc. thread): 7.75 mm
  • Handle length: 86.20 mm
  • Head weight: 33 grams
  • Total length Razor: 94.00 mm

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