Goats Milk Mineral Scrub Boxed 3-Piece Set

SKU: S1459


The Goat milk mineral scrub set combine the use of micronized silica for a delicate exfoliating property along the the rich properties of Vitamin A, which helps to repair damaged skin tissue and maintain healthy skin.

We recommend leaving the foam to act for a few minutes while massaging in circular motion.

Vegetable mineral scrub set of 3 soaps 3.5oz each - Net WT 10.5 Oz

Vegetable soaps obtained exclusively from coconut oils
NO use of chemical preservatives and chelating agent.
Not tested on animals.

The cauldron production process, or Marseilles method, used for our soap represents the artisan tradition by which man has created soap for centuries. It is the skill, experience and eyes of the maker and not the management of machines or mechanical processes that brings the soap to life.

In a first phase called saponification, the fats – mainly consisting of glycerides and fatty acids – are converted into sodium salt. This operation must be carried out so that the resulting product is of good quality and suitable to be subjected to further steps of processing. From this first phase, it is therefore necessary to obtain a soap mass generally containing 30% water, with the least possible amount of alkali and electrolytes, as well as glycerol whose recovery is an economic factor of this process.

That mass is then further cooked, washed and liquified before being poured into soap molds and left to cure until the bars are hand-cut in our workshop.

Just as in the tradition then, we still produce soap with this ancient and natural method, which ensures a final product of top quality with excellent cleaning power but also serves as a very gentle and soothing treatment that results in softer and more elastic skin with repeated usage over time.

Wet mineral scrub bar with water and agitate with hands or cloth to produce lather.

Gently massage foam later onto skin or face with a circular, massaging motion to allow micronized silica to exfoliate skin's surface and remove dead skin cells.

Allow foam to remain on skin to further treat skin and then rinse with water.

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