The Saponificio Varesino Beta 4.x formulations are the result of an extensive research and development process that began in 2014 as we set out to create a vegetable shaving soap that would meet the expectations of the world's most discerning shavers.

The product development research was conducted with assistance from users of the Italian shaving forum - viewed as the benchmark for shaving product discussions and knowledge. After 41 pages of discussion on the forum and countless tests and trials, BETA 4.0 was born on 21 July 2014 and was immediately met with approval and enthusiasm from users.

The next evolution of the formulas - Beta 4.1 - started with the Manna di Sicilia formulation which features the coveted sap of the ash trees. The new formulation rebalanced the use of the manna to increase performance after the shave in particular. 

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With Beta 4.2 we took the first marked step in the search for silicone emulation using only a mix of plant active ingredients instead of being derived from petroleum. In doing so, we increased the smoothness and protection, giving a film-forming sensation to the touch.

The Beta 4.3 formulation is a further step forward in the evolution of our shaving soap in pursuit of enhanced lubrication and protection during the shave and enhanced post-shave skin feel. 

The renewed formulation includes a larch tree extract which reduces trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), making it an excellent choice for those skin types that tend to dryness. It also includes a new vegetal compound, based on castor oil, that gives a lubricating action and helps the razor mechanical action.