Faux Tortoise Shell Resin Shave Brush with Manchurian White Badger

SKU: P0030G-WO


Artisanal shaving brush topped with a two-band High Mountain White Badger knot from Manchuria.

Knot size: 26mm

Loft: 50mm

Handle Material: Faux Tortoise Shell Resin

The handle is the result of work from three different Italian artisans. The crown ring is realized through pure pewter fusion and can be selected in the typical pewter color or a golden pewter tone.

All SV-1945 brushes are constructed one by one so some variation can be expected in the pattern of the brush handle and the coloration of the badger hair. The crowns are made to order from a casting of pewter and the complexity of the shape may cause small variations. Together, these elements make every one of our brushes a unique artisan masterpiece created especially for you.

The brush stand is handmade from wood, painted and treated. It is characterized by a minimalist design to better enhance the look of the brush.

Please choose if you want the brush stand together with your shaving brush by using the selector menu.

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